Berlin’s approach to Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace

If you’re thinking of moving to Berlin, you may be wondering how inclusive the work culture is over there. Diversity and inclusion has become a hot topic of conversation in recent years. Now more than ever, employees are seeking companies with a strong D&I offering with more than 3 out 4 workers preferring diverse working environments. We know there are many reasons to live in Berlin, but what D&I initiatives does the city have to offer? How do companies in Berlin support underrepresented employees such as ethnic minorities and the LGBTIQA+ community?

Read on to learn about diversity and inclusion in Berlin in 2021/2022.

7 Ways Berlin Promotes Diversity And Inclusion

Berlin’s Anti-discrimination Act

In 2020, Berlin became the first German state to pass an anti-discrimination Act. Although Germany already has a General Act on Equal Treatment (LADS) from 2006, this only applies to the private sector. Berlin’s act takes discrimination one step further. It provides more support to those being discriminated against by public authorities and the public sector, and makes it easier to hold these organisations accountable. 

Unicorns in Tech

Unicorns in Tech is an organisation supporting LGBTIQA+ professionals in the tech industry, founded in Berlin in 2014. The organisation aims to elevate the voices of the LGBTIQA+ tech community and provide a platform for people and companies to network in IT, digital, journalism and social media. This organisation has over 4000 members and offers regular events both online and in person. One of their most notable events was the Berlin LGBTIQA+ tech week which ran in 2019 and 2020. In addition to online summits and events, they also offer more informal ‘get togethers’ in bars.

Black in Tech Berlin

Black in Tech Berlin is a community for underrepresented black developers and black professionals in Berlin. Data shows the number of black people working in tech is incredibly low, with data from 2019 showing as little as 2% of employees at Google were black/African-American. As a result, Black in Tech Berlin aims to empower the black tech community through their networking events.

BIWOC Rising

BIWOC Rising provides a safe workplace and networking community for women who are black, indigenous and of colour (including those who identify as transgender or non-binary). As part of their offering, they have training programs and social events, and pride themselves on creating an intersectional community that supports professional progress. They currently have just over 200 members, with a physical location in Berlin, and a whole calendar of events for you to enjoy!

Carnival of cultures

Being home to more than 180 nationalities, each year Berlin hosts a carnival of cultures (Karneval der Kulturen) which is the country’s biggest celebration, drawing in over a million people each year. Although this doesn’t strictly relate to the workplace, it’s a great insight into how diversity is embraced in the German capital. The festival celebrates a wide variety of cultures from African to Latino to Asian to Caribbean. From colourful street parades to live music and dancing, the festival does a great job of breaking down cultural barriers.

LGBTIQA+ job fair

Every year, Berlin hosts Europe’s biggest LGBTIQA+ job and career fair called Sticks and Stones. The vibrant fair has been running since 2006 in Berlin (and more recently in Munich), and welcomes all job seekers who are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and/or trans. The fair has over 80 employers with hundreds of career opportunities, and is a great place to network and learn about inclusive work culture in Berlin. There are over 50 talks and coaching sessions to help you further your career as a member of the LGBTIQA+ community. Although the fair was cancelled in 2021 due to Covid restrictions, the event has announced its return in June 2022!

Black Brown Berlin

Founded in Berlin in 2018, Black Brown Berlin is a digital platform that amplifies the voice of underrepresented communities. On their site, you’ll find success stories, career development, and a whole host of empowering events from inspirational leaders, such as ‘Black women in leadership.’

Hop into the melting pot

Berlin plays host to a number of exciting initiatives that support diversity and inclusion in the workplace. With over 180 nationalities living in the capital, it is a place where you can expect to thrive, no matter what your background. From street festivals to professional networking to legislation, Berlin is a city that is embracing diversity from many different angles.

Here at GR4, we recognise that we must ensure equality and diversity in our own recruitment process and in the service we provide to our clients because we are consistently recruiting on a large scale. And if recruiting a diverse workforce is something that you could use some assistance in, get in touch with us via our contact form.

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